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How long in advance should I place an order?  

We recommend ordering your cake as soon as you know the date of your event. 

​​Why do you need so much notice? 

We tend to book up VERY quickly. Most clients order at least 5-8 weeks in advance for custom party cakes and 8-10 months in advance for wedding cakes. Please understand that if you wait until the week before your event, we are most likely already under contract to make a number of other cakes. ​

​I want a cake that looks like a toy monkey, drives a race car and breathes real fire. Can you make that?  

You've been watching FAR too much Food Network!  We believe that cakes should look like...well...cake. And when you cut into a cake, you should be slicing through deliciousness, not sawing through PVC pipe. When you see our cakes, you should say "Wow, that looks delicious! " not "Can I really EAT that?!?" 

​What does fondant taste like?  

Our fondant is sweet but not overpowering. It tastes like vanilla marshmallows. Many people have reservations about fondant. And for good reason. There are some fondants out there that taste a lot like, um, shower caulk. Ours doesn't.  If you love the look of fondant but think that your guests will only scrape it off of their cake, that's OK. We use enough butter cream on our cakes for you to get the best of both worlds.

​Do you make vegan cakes? 


​How about dairy-free cakes? 


​Sugar-free cakes?


​Gluten-free or Peanut-free cakes?

OK, we can work with that.

Do you make mini cupcakes?

Sorry, but no. We're Italian. We don't understand the concept of small food.


Can you make my wedding cake taste exactly like my Great Grandma's pound cake? 

If you provide us with your secret family recipe, we will gladly bake it for you.

OK, so the sign on your door is super cute, but what are your hours really?

We are currently open by appointment only for order pickup and wedding consultations. Please follow us on social media, to track our retail store pop-up events! 


Do you require deposits or payments in advance? 

​For most party cakes, we ask that you pay a 50% deposit at the time the order is placed. Because we are often forced to turn down work once we are booked, this deposit will NOT be refunded if the order is cancelled. For weddings or large event cakes, we require a $200 Save-the-Date deposit .

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